This is really simple.

Young, strong, and healthy horses that can't be kept by their owners need a second chance.

You will help us give it to them. Thoroughbreds are commonly discarded when they no longer have the speed to win races, but they still have ten years or more of productive life ahead. That is, if they get the chance.

We are an independent 501 (c) (3) organization bringing needed support to a local, longstanding horse ranch to supply feed, shoes, and to assist with veterinary bills for horses who are viable (with a little added schooling) as hunter/jumpers and pleasure horses.

Your gift helps us build up this new entity and prove to others who have means for large gifts that we mean what we say. We reliably supply or help in supplying the basics that young horses rescued from the slaughter need if they are to make a new start, to go on to live full, productive lives.

   A few random shots of friends of Pointer (rescued in late 2014), and his pals Welcome Sonny, and Topper (a four year old stallion who was rescued in 2012) who keep him company.

   And while they stay close to him, they each learn about how good a skilled trainer can be with horses.

   Remember, horses only go around once. Just like people.

Sandia Creek Ranch Auxiliary Foundation

Welcomes You